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Mithun Tantri_Chhotastock_Demo_3.JPG


Chhotastock is merging the world of gaming and investing to help 400 million aspiring first-time investors create wealth through micro & social investing in equity and other high-growth asset classes starting as low as Rs.100.

Archit Sharma_Credwise_Demo_3.JPG


Credwise is an easy-to-use and secure mobile app that allows credit owners to share credit with their loved ones and bring all expenses onto a single credit line. This also helps in maximizing the benefits available from that instrument. India's credit card penetration is growing rapidly, and Credwise aims to capture this growing market.

Jaywant Dahatonde_FoxPe_Demo_9.JPG


FoxPe is a category-defining merchant aggregator and payment platform built around reward/loyalty points. FoxPe helps its partner merchants attract and retain customers by creating an enjoyable in-app payment experience powered by a proprietary loyalty/rewards and offer management system. FoxPe aims to become an omnichannel rewards and payments solution provider for businesses of all sizes. Demo.JPG

Niti AI

Niti AI is a Fintech infrastructure company that helps Banks and Fintechs rapidly build and ship personalized consumer banking solutions to acquire, retain and grow a highly engaged customer base

Tarrakki Demo.JPG


Tarrakki is a new-age fintech that provides infrastructure for companies to launch investing products. They have created cutting-edge tools for fintechs, banks, neo-banks and consumer-facing companies to offer engaging investing experiences to their customers in a seamless and frictionless way.

PensionBox Demo.jpeg


PensionBox is India's first digital pension app for the private employed workforce so that they can plan, save, invest & track pension savings to retire right with complete flexibility.


Fastcollab demo.JPG


Fastcollab offers Travel Technology-as-a-Service and has developed a suite of travel technology products for faster collaboration between corporates, employees, and travel management companies. Their mission is to solve the day-to-day corporate travel-related challenges using innovative technology solutions, and are trusted by leading industry players.

HealthySure Demo.jpeg


Healthysure is a Group Benefits Insurtech Platform on a mission to make insurance and healthcare affordable and accessible to organizations in India. Their offerings include group insurance, and Health & Wellness Programs. They have tied-up with 15+ leading insurance companies to provide insurance to their clientele and have also forged partnerships for offering Health & Wellness Programs with various players. Additionally, they undertake Employee Benefits Partnerships with agents, brokers, and corporates by white-labelling their platform for their clientele and providing them with claims and operations support.

GeolQ Demo.jpeg


GeoIQ helps Banks, NBFCs and Fintechs in affluence and risk profiling of thin file or NTC customers, which enables them in realtime decision making to approve or reject loans in less than 1 second. Additionally, incorrect or incomplete addresses are a major problem in the banking industry. GeoIQ helps them in solving for the same and building better collection models.

Hyperface demo.JPG


Hyperface is Asia's first, highly scalable and compliant modern Credit Cards as a Service (CCaaS) Platform. CCaaS enables the customization of intuitive credit card programs with smart APIs and SDKs built in advance. They offer a Full Stack Credit Card Engine (end-to-end configurable CCMS to support banks and financial entities), Co-branded Credit Card Stack and Modular Pay Later Stack. 

Perfios Demo.JPG


Perfios Credit Gateway (PCG) is a plug & play technology platform that connects lenders with customer originating/loan originators/market place/vertical aggregators partners for various lending use cases without the need for expensive technology investments, reducing GTM to 2 weeks. PCG is OCEN compliant and provides a whitelabelled light touch integration for customer originating/loan originators/market place/vertical aggregators partners for various end to end lending integration covering both SME & Retail segments.

i3 Systems Demo.jpeg


i3systems has built AI products for automation of Underwriting and Claim processing using unstructured documents for Health and Life Insurance companies. Their document processing engine can convert medical documents from across any of the 60,000 Hospitals to produce a gold-quality data set. They currently serve 16 large scale enterprises in the Insurance industry and are a market leader in the Indian AI segment for Insurance. 

Signzy Demo.JPG


The Digital Banking Infrastructure provider Signzy, demonstrated their No-Code Onboarding Solution. The platform has been developed from the ground up to allow Banks and Financial Service providers to roll out and offer best user experiences.

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